Photography Services

Corporate Headshots


At Hawke Anderson we create clean, editorial style headshots.

Our images have been used in several different professional settings by our clients including;

  • Linkdln profiles
  • Social media profiles
  • Websites
  • Print publications
  • Marketing & advertising material
  • Corporate brochures & more

    Our portable backdrop allows us to shoot on location to minimise interruption to day to day business activities.

    Example 1Most Popular

    Standard Lighting

    Traditionally shot on a white back drop, our standard lighting set up delivers a vibrant, clean image that can be used across any professional setting.

    Average time/ shoot (once the back-drop has been set up) = 15-20 minutes/ individual.

    Example 2 – Unique & Tailored

    Outdoor/ Outside

    Shooting outdoors will give your brand a unique look that sets it apart from competitors.

    There are allot of variables to factor in with shooting outdoors (e.g location, time of day & weather) and a photographic assistant is often required to ensure the best outcome is achieved on the day.

    Average time/ shoot varies dependent on the client requirements.

    Example 3 – Editorial Edge

    Hard Lighting

    On first appearance this image may look similar to example 1. If you look a little closer you will see a darker shadow at the back of the subject as a harder lighting technique has been used.

    This style of image can be used in any professional setting and looks great inĀ  editorial print based media.

    Average time/ shoot (once the backdrop has been set-up) = 20-25 minutes / individual.

    Looking for something different?

    At Hawke Anderson we welcome the opportunity to collaborate and create a unique images that represent your brand.

    Contact our team to discuss your project requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    How much are the headshot packages?

    Individual Headshot Package

    • Portable white screen set up at workplace location
    • Photography Session (up to 30 minutes)
    • Select Sheet
    • 3 Retouched Images (full & web optimised resolutions)
    • Images delivered electronically via dropbox

    Package = $275+gst

    Group Headshot Package (3 or more individuals)

    • Portable white screen set up at workplace location
    • Photography session (20 minutes/ person)
    • Individual Select Sheets
    • 3 Retouched Images/ person (full & web optimised resolutions)
    • Images delivered electronically via dropbox

    Package = $225+gst/ personĀ 

    Additional Extras

    • Alternate colour backdrop (start from $175/ colour backdrop)
    • Additional Edits ($50/ image)
    • Black & White image selections ($25/ 3 images)

    How much space do I need for the backdrop?

    Our portable white-screen is approximately 3m in length.

    We recommend a minimum space of 3m x 5m.

    Our team often sets up in boardrooms, lunch or recreation based rooms within office blocks.

    If you are not sure if your space is suitable our team will be happy to help make an assessment on the room (contact now).

    Do I get to choose the shots I would like edited?

    Yes (of course).

    Following your shoot our team will send you a select sheet to enable you to make edit selections.

    Our team is also happy to select the images for your team if required.

    How long does it take to receive the images?

    Once our team receives edit selections, standard image editing turn-around time is two business weeks.

    24 hour turn-around time is available at an additional cost of $150 +gst/ project.

    Is hair & make-up included?

    Hair & Make-up is not included in our photography packages.

    Upon request our team will be happy to connect you with local hair & make-up artists.

    Make a booking or discuss your project requirements today.

    Get in touch with our team.