We work with leading Australian Health & Fitness brands to create online courses that generate revenue.

We offer full service solutions to help you create and launch educational courses online.
  • Course Set Up & Design
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Video Based Social Media Advertising
We work with our clients in different capacities depending on project requirements.
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Our Process

How we work with businesses to create & launch online courses that generate revenue.



We work with you to understand your project needs and then begin planning the most efficient way to create your online course from start to finish.



Our experienced team will work with you to create educational content that educates and entertains your audience.



Our team will set up and design your user friendly educational sites ready to start onboarding new members.



IT’S GO TIME!!! Our team will help you launch your online course to your ideal customer and start generating revenue.

About Our Clients

We work with a mix of clients across several different industries with a strong focus on the Australian health & fitness industry.

Some of our clients are using their online courses as add-on revenue streams to their consulting businesses; whilst others are using the courses as stand alone revenue streams.

Some practitioners are using course subscriptions to educate their clients on topics which they do not have time to cover in detail in one on one sessions. Others are using courses to educate and build entire communities around their health and wellness knowledge.

EFT HQ Online Membership Platform

Evidence Based EFT is the world’s largest EFT resource. We have worked alongside founder Dr. Peta Stapleton since the inception of her brand to set up and design her education platform, film educational based video lessons and create & place several high performing video based Ads for the brand that generate new revenue each month.

Protrade United Online Education

Protrade United specialise in teaching Trades based businesses in Australia & New Zealand how to run more successful trades based businesses. We work with the team to regularly create educational based video content to help educate their clients.

Weight Management Psychology Online Course

The Tapping for Weight Management Online course is the only online EFT for weight management program of its kind in the world to be clinically researched. We have worked with the WMP team to set up and design the education platform, film educational content and assist with video marketing for the program.

The Farm X Whole-beings Video Education

The Grow. Feed. Educate. Give Back Program is another world first program created program for children aged 3-10 years to take each child on an organic learning journey through nature’s classroom as it grows & feeds us. Our team filmed the video education modules and promotional material for this project at the Farm in Byron Bay.

Nutrition to Soar Online Course 

Angelique Clark is one of Australia’s leading Dietitians. We helped her establish her online education platform and assisted with creating content for her new look platform. She offers 6 week online course designed for active women 40+ to reconnect with their physiology and learn how to fuel a high performing lifestyle.